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Bathroom renovation projects

Designing your new bathroom can be fun and satisfying. The first step to a practical and functional design is determining a color scheme, fixtures, finishes and more. We provide the full range of top bath materials and fixtures and accept any customer’s choice. Starting from choosing finishes we are budgeting the job, labour included. Pre-renovation decision are very important, because is hard and costly to make changes if choice is wrong. For house resale value, there might also be a nice soaking tub in there, but the walk-in shower is the top priority. High-end materials we use in all our bathroom remodeling projects can warrantee you the long lasting use and easy maintenance.


To renovate bathroom takes between 10 and 30 days. It’s worth noting those days may not be consecutive, there could be a day or two where no one is on site.


The Top Bathroom Trends to Keep on Your Radar in 2022, According to Design Pros

  • Matte Black Fixtures
  • Bold Wallpaper
  • Bathroom Suites
  • Spa Aesthetics
  • Organic Elements
  • Vintage Furniture
  • Bringing in Nature
  • White Marble

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Client’s Testimonial


A complete bathroom renovation. New tub, toilet, flooring, paint, and redid the vanity. Installed ceramic tile. He was professional and completed all repairs in timely fashion. Vic ran an extremely professional job and kept me apprised of changes with trades. Cost was excellent and I am very happy with the completed bathroom.

Toronto, ON