Points to Consider When Choosing a General Contractor

Picking a quality contractor can make the difference between a job done right and an utter nightmare. Before hiring a contractor for your home improvement project, interview at least three candidates and check both client and subcontractor references.

How to find right contractor

Know what you want before you get estimates

Ask friends, relatives and co-workers for references

Interview at least three contractors

Expect a contractor to be too busy to start right away

Ask what work will be done by the contractor’s employees and what work will be done by subcontractors

Choose the right contractor for the right project

Check licenses, complaints and litigation history

Check references. Read online reviews, but don’t consider that enough information

See the portfolio and visit site of finished project

Ask for contractor liability insurance

Sign a detailed contract

Get the proper permits

Don’t pay more than 10 percent of the job total before the job starts

Don’t sign a contract for your entire renovation budget

Negotiate ground rules

Talk to the contractor frequently

Verify insurance coverage

Get lien releases and receipts for products

Don’t make the final payment until the job is 100 percent complete

Save time and money

If you’re doing a big project, you’ll need a general contractor, who may hire subcontractors for specialty work such as plumbing and electrical. Homeowners with renovation experience sometimes work as their own general contractors, hiring specific tradespeople for each job. While this may save you money, it can be time-consuming and will mean multiple contractor searches instead of just one, since you’ll have to find a specialist for each smaller job.

You can be assured that the floor is level, the electrical is in the right place, the windows are properly installed, the doors fit perfectly. Even decorative structural features such as a fireplace, a brick wall, or a column will all be installed to exacting standards.

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