Residential Construction Trends of 2024

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Things are also rapidly changing when it comes to the design of new homes around the world. New trends and techniques are followed as a response to the wishes of the new residents.

Green building materials

Bricks made out of cigarette butts, light generating cement, and martian concrete are a few examples of revolutionizing materials which can truly change the way we build. This new type of materials has already provided sustainable construction with an admirable boost which is anticipated to be extremely beneficial both for the workers on the field and the residents of these buildings.

Open floor plans

Open floor plans have been around for years now, but homeowners’ love for them is changing how house builders construct their homes.  While modern homes have seen open floor plans for years, traditional homes were still being built with tiny rooms and numerous hallways. Nowadays, home builders are choosing to construct their traditional homes with open floor plans to meet the needs of the homeowners that they are trying to lure into a contract.

Wider Doors and Hallways

Many homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes as they get older, which means that they want and need to be able to maneuver around it using a wheelchair, walker, or other devices.  Unfortunately, in older homes, this is not possible due to the smaller doors and hallways, which means that renovations always are a good idea. The trend to have wider doors and hallways in newer homes are a lucrative choice for both older and younger generations because neither group will need to worry about doing renovations before it is too late.

Roof Decks

They have become popular on apartment buildings over the years, but homes that have extraordinary views (and even those that don’t) can benefit from one. These decks can be constructed in addition to one in the yard so that homeowners can have two spaces to sit and relax at the end of the day.  Of course, a roof deck is a wonderful option for homes that do not have a lot of yard space, because it may be the only way that the homeowner can have a deck or patio. Roof decks can incorporate everything that a regular deck has including furniture, flowers, lighting, and more.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

For years, home builders had two choices when it came to hot water heaters and they were gas or electric. However, nowadays, home builders are conscious of how homeowners want to save money on their energy bills while also being eco-friendly. That means that more home builders are installing tankless hot water heaters in the homes that they are building. These tankless hot water heaters offer a continuous supply of hot water, but the water is only heated when it is needed.  They are also much smaller, which means that homeowners will have more usable space in their home.